Somalgia - Inverted World Vinyl


On ‘Inverted World’, Somalgia present a psychedelic interpretation of a dystopian reality set in a world not unlike our own. The album covers an eclectic range of influences & genres from black metal, trip-hop and folk to progressive & psychedelic rock. Featuring Ryan Stevenson (Zopp) and Tom Collins.

- 'Red Pill / Blue Pill' variant
- Matte outer sleeve
- Printed inner sleeves

"Stylistically there are tinges of black metal, large doses of classic prog, fresh commercial choruses, spooky touches, dark electronica and a lot of retro style keyboard work. “Inverted World” is highly theatrical, and almost music hall with elements of a West End musical at times, yet there’s space for lush, lofty and dreamy guitar work which raise and expand the unremittingly surreal atmosphere."

"With "Inverted World" and its highly heteroclyte musical content, Somalgia hits a big hit with a bluffing debut album, even if it doesn't avoid some mistakes of youth, both in background and form. - 9/10"